Natural Wellness Coach Reveals The Triple Action Approach That Has Helped Over 785 People To Lower And Manage Their Blood Sugar Level

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Coach Adegboyega

Coach Adegboyega is a wellness coach that helps to educate and create awareness on wellness and living healthy through his wellness newspaper which is been read by over 30,000 Active readers.

 in the past Seven years, He has shown deep knowledge through his research to help better educate people on their health via his newsletter and also recommend helpful wellness programs to help his readers get better.

Two years ago, One of our clients reached out to us via our newsletter asking if we can help him with controlling his blood sugar level as he has been battling with diabetes symptoms for many months prior.

He was urinating up to 8 times during the night, always having cramps in his hands and feet, his sexual lifestyle that was always very active decades past was not extremely poor and when he was recommended to go for a blood sugar test. 

His blood sugar level was very high, above 200mg/dl.

This was when he reached out to us after we wrote a newsletter on diabetes and he inquired about how our program can be of help to him. 

Just like this client who has now got fantastic result with completely dealing with type 2 diabetes to become free right now and have his doctor on our speed dial. 

Many more kenyans battle with diabetes that has given rise to several health complications that many are currently dealing with right now. 

This is why you are reading this page today. 

To see how you can better manage your high blood sugar level that brings about stabilization irrespective of whether if you have been on medication on 1,5,10 or 20 years and above.

I will like to introduce you to our


Natural Diabetes 3in1 Diabcare 

Balance Wellness Program

The Diabcare Balance Program Work For You If You Are

  • Recently diagnosed with high blood sugar level and still in the pre-diabetic stage
  • Full blown diabetes and already on medication with drugs like metformin to help manage your diabetes
  • Already diabetes for decades and currently have other health issues as a result of high blood sugar level.

Do note that our program will only give you the 

expected result if you are


The Diabcare Balance Is Made With Premium High quality Ingredients that is focused in helping to crash sugar level, One of the Main Key Ingredient is Bitter Melon Which Has Shown High Positive Case Study Around The World To Lower Blood Sugar Level

Main Benefit

  • Highly Effective To Manage Diabetes
  • Beneficial For The Prevention Of Secondary Complication Of Diabetes
  • Stimulate Liver To Ensure Digestion And Metabolism Of Sugar

Main Ingredients: Vernonia Amygddalina, Picralima Nitride, Aristolochia, Momordica Charantia

The DiabFlush Herbal Is Our Unique Blend Of Antioxidant helps you to Futher Helps With Blood Sugar Management Which fights the complications that many diabetes people suffer from. It helps to futher increase the efficacy of total result and experience that promote blood sugar stability.


Main Benefit

  • Helps To Reduce Diabetes Complications
  • Helps To Improve Both Production And Distribution Of Glucose
  • A Super Food Antioxidant Blend That Helps With Blood Sugar Control

Main Ingredients: Moringa Oleifera, Mangifera Indica, Psidium guajava, Zingiber Officinale

Diabetes Meal Plan Physical Booklet

This is our special diabetes meal plan book that helps to give you variety of food choices you can eat at different times of the day without having to be worried about any blood sugar spikes. Using this African Made Custom Cookbook, You will be able to better manage your blood sugar health with an improved result as you use the other two herbal blend of supplements

Main Benefit

  • Know What Exact Food You Need To Eat Daily. 
  • Access To A List Of Foods To Avoid
  • Access to Better Education and Orientation On Diabetes And Your Health
  • Graphical Illustration Of Food Choices And How It Impact Your Diabetes Health.

Our Special Program Is What Over 750 People Have Used To Get Free Of Both High Blood Sugar Levels And Diabetes Complications. 

And you can join this program today at our special price offer that will be going away this month. 

Our One Month Pack Of this Program Cost A Total Of KSH 4000

Which Gives You 

  • 2 Bottles of Diabcare Balance
  • 1 Bottle Of DiabFlush Herbal
  • 1 Diabetes Cookbook Plus Instructional Guide To Start The Program.

For Just This Month Alone, You Have The Opportunity Of
Joining The 60 Days Program
For Just KSH 7500 

(Price will increase in coming days due to market price changes. So buy at current price now.)

  • 4 Bottles of Diabcare Balance
  • 2 Bottle Of DiabFlush Herbal
  • Diabetes Cookbook Plus Instructional Guide To Start The Program.

  • Or

    The Complete 90 Days Program 

    For Just KSH 10,000

    (Price will increase in coming days due to market price changes. So buy at current price now.)

  • 6 Bottles of Diabcare Balance
  • 3 Bottle Of DiabFlush Herbal
  • Diabetes Cookbook Plus Instructional Guide To Start The Program.

  • We recommend starting with either of these two package for the best result in your blood sugar level. Our findings shows that our client who use the 60 to 90 days stretch get far better result than those who try to get the 30 days package but cant seem to continue to one reason or the other. 

    Here Are Fast Action Extra Gifts Thats Included In Your Order Today


    You get 40% Discount on either the 60 or 90 days program which is only available for this month. 

    This way you get to easily complete the whole program without having to stop due to the financial obligation that has been cut off via this 40% Discount.



    No Extra Charge To Your Home Delivery Anywhere in Kenya. We Are Currently Doing Free Home Delivery Right Now Which You Enjoy. Simply Order The Program And Only Pay The Program Fee Without Any Additional Charge


    Access To Our Instructional Manual, Worksheet And Guide In Helping You Monitor Your Result And Progress Through The Triple Action Program.

    This Way if the program doesn't work for you, You have something to use as proof it doesnt work in dealing with your sugar level.


    You Get To Have 90 Days Whatsapp Support Right After Your Package Is delivered to you.

     This way you can always send messages, Call for support and advise as you go through the program knowing that you have a number you can immediately communicate with


    You Are Covered By Our 90 Days Money Back Guarantee.

    If Our Program Doesn't Work For You After 90 Days.

    Just Send Us The Tracking/WorkSheet With Your Results And You Will Get A Full 100% Refund No Questions Asked.

    That’s how confident we are in the effective power of the Triple Action Diabetes Program You Are About To Start

    Dont let anyone tell you otherwise that you cant reverse type 2 diabetes. 

    If you are on this page right now. I can tell you that within the next 3-6 Month from now, You will say Goodbye to dealing with high blood sugar level most especially if you are type 2 diabetes.

    Using the diabcare balance kit our very own clients have been using. We have seen amazing result and would like you to also join us to help you stabilize your blood sugar level. 

    Here Is What You Are Receiving When You Place An Order For This Stress Free Protocol Program To Take Charge Of Your Blood Sugar Level.

    - Diabcare Balance Herbal Bottle

    - DiabFlush Antioxidant Herbal Bottle

    - Low Carb Diabetes Cookbook

    - Instructional Manual To Get The Best Result


    Order A Minimum Of 60 Days To Get Started.

    Place Your Order Using The Form Below

    Result From Other Previous Clients We Have Worked With

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